5 ways to stop choosing sucky images for articles you write

  You wrote a really compelling article. Felt you really hit it out of the park this time. You uploaded it and shared it on social networks. And then… Nothing! No clicks. Just crickets. Why me? You wonder. And think of a thousand variables that may have led to this unwelcome state of affairs. Not Read more about 5 ways to stop choosing sucky images for articles you write[…]

Are your kids online content consumers or content creators?

I think my son spends too much time in passively consuming online content. YouTube videos take up the giant share of his online habits. A rough estimate would put the number of videos he watches at between 40-80 a week. I think this is far below the average number of videos watched by his peers, considering Read more about Are your kids online content consumers or content creators?[…]

Facebook, you want pre-teens? Do more to stop bullying.

Grab from video Amanda posted on youtube

If you were disturbed by 15 yr old Amanda Todd’s suicide by bullying on facebook; you were probably disgusted by the fact that the bullying and justification for her suicide continue, even on Facebook pages dedicated to her memory.

While the sane among us, now go through the predictable soul searching and assigning blame on Amanda’s parents, teachers, bullies, immature teenagers, sadistic predators etc., maybe it is also time to demand more from Facebook itself. […]

Embracing your creative dark side

Dark Knight AvatarThe morbid lineage of Nike’s ‘Just do it’, is just one example of creativity being inspired from darker realms. Murderer Gary Gilmore’s final words ‘Let’s do it’, in front of a firing squad, were playfully paraphrased to Nike’s trademarked slogan by Dan Wieden of Wieden and Kennedy. […]

The Birds! Failwhale version

Before Angry Birds and Twitter there was Alfred Hitchcock’s classic ‘The Birds‘. Perhaps, newer generations will learn of these films only via passing references like this one.  In any case, I’ve now completed the third installment of my Halloween, Hollywood inspired content series. p.s: It’s all fun and games until a whale gets hurt. Do Read more about The Birds! Failwhale version[…]

Do you see dead people?

Continuing with my  Halloween, Hollywood inspired imagery and content Google plus is now public and the latest numbers are impressive. However, if you’re like me, most of your friends and family rely on Facebook, Linkedin (and a bit of twitter), for all their social networking needs. In the long run, Jeff Weiner (Linkedin CEO) may Read more about Do you see dead people?[…]

Are you really going to ‘like’ your own post?

There are bigger things to worry about but this came together rather effortlessly. I also found an FB Page dedicated to the cause…maybe the issue is not as inconsequential as I think :). I’m going to make time for a Halloween and Hollywood themed parody series of similar work until the end of this month. Read more about Are you really going to ‘like’ your own post?[…]