Continuing with my  Halloween, Hollywood inspired imagery and content

Google plus is now public and the latest numbers are impressive. However, if you’re like me, most of your friends and family rely on Facebook, Linkedin (and a bit of twitter), for all their social networking needs. In the long run, Jeff Weiner (Linkedin CEO) may be proved right about people having  no time for another network.

Personally,  I quite like G+ and even took it out for a good spin in the early days. I commented on how G+ could work better and tried to show up for the gig. As time went on, I felt I was spreading myself too thin by adding another network to the mix…especially since there was nobody I know who was very active there. Or maybe I am not sticking around long enough.

How about you? Think recent Facebook changes will keep you from G+? Or the other way around?

Copyright info on The Sixth Sense should be here. You may republish the above parodic art-work (at your own risk) online as long as you link back to this post.

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