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Chen Wenling's critique of the global financial crisis - 2009

Chen Wenling’s critique of the global financial crisis – 2009 (it works today too, doesn’t it?)

You already know that your online activity, on centralized networks like Google and Facebook, is a hot commodity. These networks are in the business of analyzing and monetizing the information we provide them with. Our social graphs, are obviously playing an increasing role in big data analysis. […]

Google Plus vs. WordPress? Whut?



Let’s face it, with the healthy lead of 750 million+ users, established by Facebook, Google Plus will take a good while to catch up. Even if the mainstream are to ‘overcome social media fatigue’, that is.

Twitter conversation about social media fatigue

So we plod along on G+, in wonderment of the growing ‘circularity’ of the early adoptscoble, et al. […]

Will YOU Ditch Facebook for Google Plus?

  So Google Plus is here and there’s a lot of features that seem attractive and set it apart (as of now). Hangouts or group video chats. An easy way to organize your contacts based on ‘circles’ of interest . You can do this in Facebook with ‘lists’ but Google’s implementation is more intuitive. etc. Read more about Will YOU Ditch Facebook for Google Plus?[…]

Hitler House Revolution will be Tweeted but not Measured

  I remember being mildly annoyed when the Hitler house tweet, authored by a relatively obscure Wales resident Charli Dickenson, went viral. I am probably not the only one who thought the whole episode pointless. Hindsight revealed to an insufferable ego that, the real majesty of social media lies in its serendipitous-ness. That unpredictable sequence Read more about Hitler House Revolution will be Tweeted but not Measured[…]

Evolution: Blog to ‘Aggro-Hub’?

  Over all, the online marketing community over-emphasizes on blogs as being the HUB of customer engagement…though, I admit – with good reason (as of now). Hubs of the future, may not be centralized and could be a collection of third party sites (which will wax and wane in popularity). We are probably seeing the Read more about Evolution: Blog to ‘Aggro-Hub’?[…]

Not Built to Blog

  Blogs are great for all the reasons the one and only Mark Schaefer mentions here. If only more people who should read that post, did! Trapped in a Time Warp Now here are some people who would never read that article Mr. Leaflet: He’s been successful in fast food retail. A4 flyers have evidently Read more about Not Built to Blog[…]

Does your Business have Online Charisma?

NOTE: The following is an excerpt. Please read the complete article on the BrandByte Media Inc. website. You have a website. So do your competitors. There are millions, maybe billions and counting, websites online. How do you help your customers find you from amongst all the noise? Does your digital presence help you stand out? Read more about Does your Business have Online Charisma?[…]

Social Media is Everyone’s Job: Lessons from NYT, Best Buy and IBM

The IBM experiment seems to confirm that self-promotion, empowerment and innovation can be powerful incentives for employees to drive social media engagements, internally and externally. It also demonstrates how employees enhance their personal brand and careers along with that of their employers.

How will businesses handle the WikiLeaks and Social Media era?

The pharma giant, Pfizer was being charged in a controversial drug trial involving children with meningitis. So, of course, Pfizer hired investigators to find evidence of corruption against the Nigerian attorney general in order to persuade him to drop legal action against the company. These are just some of the revelations, involving big business like Pfizer and Shell, in the Wikileaks cables.

Did you need to know this? I’m glad I do. I hope it goes some distance in preventing companies like Pfizer in using my children as guinea pigs.