Website Traffic Toon

Revisiting the basics to increase your website traffic

If you’re wondering how to grow your website traffic, it makes sense to dig into the channels that drive traffic. Trying to ‘increase traffic’ is often a fool’s errand without a better understanding of various sources that constitute the ‘traffic’ in question. If the basics aren’t clear the goals become difficult to achieve. I was Read more about Revisiting the basics to increase your website traffic[…]

Digital Marketing Technology

Building a scalable, low budget digital marketing technology stack to grow your business

Like it or not, your business will increasingly compete with billions of dollars worth of marketing technology spend. It used to be that social media levelled the playing field when it came to getting the word out about a product or service. That’s rapidly changing. There’s too much noise out there. Being ‘social media savvy’ Read more about Building a scalable, low budget digital marketing technology stack to grow your business[…]

ROInfluence: Overestimating the impact of social scoring

Social Scoring as a toolIf you read my previous opinions on social scoring, you know I’m skeptical on the viability of  ‘influence metrics‘. However, when Mark Schaefer (of the engaging marketing blog {Grow} ), mentioned me in his latest book  ‘Return on Influence‘,  I decided to give the concept another look. […]

When I met Mark Schaefer and Jay Baer on GO!Animate

  I have been waiting to respond to Mark’s advice against shoveling social media down throats. The animator in me (remnants of a past life) has also been itching to experiment new ways of blogging, content marketing and creation. Well, I finally made the time and decided to tackle 2 birds with one stone…here are Read more about When I met Mark Schaefer and Jay Baer on GO!Animate[…]

Hitler House Revolution will be Tweeted but not Measured

  I remember being mildly annoyed when the Hitler house tweet, authored by a relatively obscure Wales resident Charli Dickenson, went viral. I am probably not the only one who thought the whole episode pointless. Hindsight revealed to an insufferable ego that, the real majesty of social media lies in its serendipitous-ness. That unpredictable sequence Read more about Hitler House Revolution will be Tweeted but not Measured[…]

The Kloutocracy of it all – Do I Care…Enough?

Should I care enough about Klout? Sign in? Only to encourage something I do not believe in?

However, the pragmatic me, makes a living as a marketing technologist in Montreal. As student-for-life I have to ask:

How did you derive value from signing in to Klout?

By not signing in am I missing out on information that could help my clients in their online marketing efforts?

Social Media is Everyone’s Job: Lessons from NYT, Best Buy and IBM

The IBM experiment seems to confirm that self-promotion, empowerment and innovation can be powerful incentives for employees to drive social media engagements, internally and externally. It also demonstrates how employees enhance their personal brand and careers along with that of their employers.

Don’t let the ‘Influencers’ suck with their advice

It is important that adulation does not lull our ‘thought leaders’ into dishing out information, that we cannot relate to. Advice that is borderline narcissistic and elitist. We have ourselves to blame if we accept without questioning. So lets challenge the ‘thought leaders’ to be better than they are. Remind them to connect, to walk in our shoes, even if in empathy.
Don’t let them confuse respect with unconditional support.
DON’T let them SUCK.

We all benefit.

Of Teflon and Tedicorn – Social Media Marketing ‘A-lister’ Story

If you’re following social media marketing closely, you probably have been witness to the passive aggressive Influencer battles fought by the valiant thought leadership on vast and eloquent battlefields of the blogosphere.

Here is my interpretation, so that the rest of us – mortals and no-listers, can perhaps try make sense of it all.