4 Main Differences between Startup Marketing and Scale-Up Marketing

When you are marketing in a startup, you are trying to discover who your best customers are. However, marketing in a business in scale-up mode can be a different beast. The product-market fit has been established and you already know who your best customers are. Scale-ups are often trying to grow the top line. Fast.[…]

AdWords Strategy Fix

The 3 Layer Solution to Fix and Boost a Stagnant AdWords Strategy

If you’re looking to gain quick online visibility and sales revenue, an AdWords campaign is often a great place to start. It can take a while to build momentum from content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing etc. However, Cost Per Click (CPC) campaigns can deliver you in-market customers in a matter of days,[…]

Content Marketing Boring Biz Content

How to be a Baller at Content Strategy for a Boring Business

Picture this. Your business is doing moderately well. Now you need to scale up by acquiring more customers. There’s a huge market for your products. Almost everyone can use it. You know that given your resources, digital marketing is what you need to ramp up on to get your product out there. All you now[…]

Growth engine and digital strategy

6 steps to align a winning digital strategy to your growth engine

As a digital marketing consultant brought in to solve an immediate problem, I’ve arguably seen the worst of rudderless marketing strategies out there. The sad part is that usually, it’s not some obvious flaw like lack of talent or laziness to blame. In fact, everyone involved is busy being busy. Yet, business goals remain unmet.[…]

Website Traffic Toon

Revisiting the basics to increase your website traffic

If you’re wondering how to grow your website traffic, it makes sense to dig into the channels that drive traffic. Trying to ‘increase traffic’ is often a fool’s errand without a better understanding of various sources that constitute the ‘traffic’ in question. If the basics aren’t clear the goals become difficult to achieve. I was[…]

content marketing cartoon

8 quick win content hacks for the busy business professional

  Little time. Little content. Little brand presence online. Lost growth opportunities. Sounds familiar? With the growing expectations we have from the digital world, online visibility is an increasingly important contributor to our success. And this holds true regardless of if you are a small business, consultant, professional, or just looking for work. So it’s not[…]

Memes Guru Digital Marketing

4 steps to hold marketing accountable for website traffic goals

You’re doing everything you think you need to do. You have a well-designed website, social media hustle, you’re blogging, SEO chops, email marketing, etc. Your marketing team is always busy. The team or marketing agency is telling you about retweets and engagement. You know exactly what channel is bringing high-value traffic to your website. “Half[…]

Hire Marketer Persona

How to hire a digital marketer for your business using ‘marketer personas’

Any good marketer will tell you that buyer personas are crucial to a digital marketing strategy. Now let us turn the tables on marketers by using marketer personas to help your hiring process along. The three types of marketer personas I recently read that Laura Patterson and her team had identified three types of marketer personas as follows:[…]


Compare digital marketing chops with Canada’s fastest growing B2B service businesses

As of writing this blog post, all my current clients are B2B services. So I thought it’d be interesting to find out how Canada’s fastest growing B2B service businesses fare in their digital marketing efforts. Such case studies are a useful part of any marketer’s arsenal. After all an analysis of the competition is a[…]

Digital Marketing Technology

Building a scalable, low budget digital marketing technology stack to grow your business

Like it or not, your business will increasingly compete with billions of dollars worth of marketing technology spend. It used to be that social media levelled the playing field when it came to getting the word out about a product or service. That’s rapidly changing. There’s too much noise out there. Being ‘social media savvy’[…]