The best time to Job-Hunt is when you have a Job. Twitter 101 for non-marketing types.

Social media platforms like twitter, facebook etc. allow you to network, more discretely than ever…without falling afoul of the most suspicious boss. Most of these platforms can be accessed on your mobile phone/device making it all the more convenient. Previously, I wrote about building your online presence around your personal brand. Now lets explore one practical way to do it.

Social Media Tools Can Help Your Career, or not (if you ignore them).

For those sceptical, a reminder that not too long ago, knowledge of e-mail, word and excel was not an absolute requirement for an office job. It may not be difficult for facebook (or third party app developers…a million strong the last I heard) to integrate tools like company chat/storage/file exchange modules that could offer productivity enhancements. Even without these, companies are debating the benefits of allowing employees access to facebook and twitter. Business softwares like are integrating components (e.g.: chatter) inspired by these new media tools. Indeed, news like this may well become the norm: B.C. government approves Facebook, Twitter use for employee

“I’ve always wanted to do something on my own.”

I’ve heard this line from everyone and their grandmother. Variations are ‘I have this great idea that I want to try’, ‘I’ve always wanted to start my restaurant’ etc…and my telepathic response always is ‘wtf are you waiting for?’. Well I should admit that those are the smart folk. Most people know that there are enough reasons not to trade a steady pay check for an unpredictable lifestyle. Regardless, I thought it’s about time I wrote for those foolish enough to consider indulging in the entrepreneurial call.

Facebook, Privacy and the Free Lunch

You could not have missed all the well meaning tips about your facebook privacy settings. With the like button and the open graph protocol, Facebook is betting on making the internet a facebook based ecosystem. Users are part of this ecosystem and their behaviour can now be shared with others, even beyond facebook. If you ‘like’ something on TED your facebook friends can have access to what you liked when they visit TED. What does it mean for users privacy? Well, users are responsible for their privacy. Pretty tame concept if you ask me.

The Perfect world…of facebook.

The facebook phenomenon is in step with the general trend where voyeurism is an indispensable part of the average persons lifestyle. Reality shows, personal blogs, twitter feeds, facebook profile investigations 🙂 etc., make us all part of this trend, with varying levels of participation. Ranging from smug observers to narcissistic participants…we each have our own reasons to be involved. Updates about our kids to the colour of our underwear…its all on facebook.