B2B SaaS Marketing Manager Career Tips

If you are a growth-focused b2b SaaS marketing manager looking for a career change, here are some things to consider and maybe ask about during the interview:

1. Your chances of success are greater in a SaaS business run by product folks. Tall talk there, I know, but hear me out. CEOs and founders that come from the product side often (not always) prioritize a product-led growth vision. A great product makes your job as a marketer easier.

So how do you identify a great product? You look for signs of product-market-fit; that’s where the following points come in.

2. LTV:CAC ratio of 3:1 or better. That’s often a high bar when you’re struggling to get things off the ground. However, the better this ratio, the more room you have for sales/marketing-led expansion. Ask for that number during the interview process.

3. The length of the sales cycle. This is another number that can tell you what you are up against. The length of the sales cycle could be a leading indicator of how difficult your task as a marketer will be.
A shorter sales cycle reduces the length of the feedback loop in your b2b SaaS marketing efforts.

4. But what if there’s no sales team? Even better… at least until you move upmarket. Well, I believe that the earlier you hire a sales team the better. But if you are less dependent on one and still get to an 8-figure ARR, that’s a very good sign. Ask how much of the revenue comes from sales relationships vs. directly from free trials/freemium without ever talking to sales.

5. A leadership team that is as growth-oriented as you are. How do you find out? You’ve got to dig a bit, but it’s a good sign if they are happy to provide clarity on the above points.

p.s.: These points are extracted from a recent LinkedIn post.

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