Jacob Varghese, Vice President of Marketing, Fusebill

I’m one of those movie buffs amazed by director Wes Anderson’s attention to detail. The intricate, whimsically populated, and diverse worlds of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ etc., are testament to his visual obsession as much as his experimental streak.

When someone is as fastidious and creative as Anderson, it’s obvious that he loves what he does. People respond to this kind of passion and enjoy working with those who are so devoted to their craft.

“He is such an auteur director. He pays attention to every little thing. It’s not just graphics – it’s the same with every department. He’s quite particular but he’s also really experimental. He loves to try different things so working with him really made me feel like I loved this work again. It was fascinating.” – Annie Atkins, lead graphic designer, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to work with the brilliant team at Solufy who obviously love what they do and are passionate about the difference they make for their customers in the IBM Maximo world.

I’ve also been fortunate that Mario Boileau (CEO/Founder) and Gerry Lamarche (V.P/Co-founder) placed their complete trust in me to develop and lead the global marketing efforts at Solufy for almost 2 years – a period of amazing growth, when Solufy more than doubled staff and revenues. Their faith allowed me to be the marketing equivalent of Wes Anderson. Okay, I’m overreaching (admittedly, by a lot), but you get the idea.

The talented executive team assembled by Mario and Gerry were a pleasure to work with and I’m proud of the things we achieved together. Our annual summer offsite executive retreats and the interesting campfire conversations on the “Infiniti” (an inside joke) among others, will be missed. Good times.

At Solufy, it is not rare to see unsolicited praise for the efforts of the team from customers and partners. The teams – devs, client services, customer service, sales, have the good habit to go ‘over and above’ for their customers.

That definitely makes a marketer’s job easier. Solufy is well poised to continue on its growth trajectory, well into the future.

It was a fun run with one of the best teams I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive experience, Team Solufy!

So what does one do for an encore? You’d think that would be difficult. Well, I’ve probably got a lucky star.

My journey continues: Fusebill – the innovators in accessible subscription billing for SaaS, Media, IoT.

If you are clued in to Ottawa’s tech scene, you have already heard of the success story that Fusebill is. This Ottawa based fintech start-up, founded by Tyler Eyamie and Greg Burwell, has established a formidable global reputation as the premier subscription billing and management platform solution.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to Tyler and Greg by Marie Bosco (an amazing recruiter you need to know). Right from the start, I’ve been sold into the enormous potential of what Tyler and Greg were doing. I’ve also been impressed by the cumulative years of experience on the Fusebill board.

When Tyler and Greg circled back recently, to talk about Fusebill’s plans for the future, it was obvious that Fusebill continues to make giant strides in the recurring billing and payment management business.

Fusebill’s innovative, flexible, and entrepreneur-friendly features lends itself to a variety of burgeoning markets in SaaS, IoT (internet of things), media, and anywhere else that entrepreneurs and business are looking to make it easy for their customers to pay for products and services. The Fusebill platform saves tons of hours of manual effort in billing management, subscriptions, and reporting. Fusebill is the solution for all those looking for help managing the complexities of a recurring revenue client base.

Easy and intuitive integrations of the Fusebill platform with QuickBooks and Salesforce are other hugely popular and compelling reasons that fuel Fusebill’s rapid growth.

Big market, meet great product.

Readers of this blog and my friends on Twitter and LinkedIn know that all things related to startups, scale-ups, SaaS, martech, and marketing leadership are dear to my heart. When I was offered the opportunity to join the executive team at Fusebill as the Vice President of Marketing, it was like a call to come home.

Time, once again, to work in a Wes Anderson-ish way to scale greater heights – with the talented team that Tyler and Greg have built.

Stay tuned.

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