Crocodile Tears

If you have been particularly affected by a loss suffered by a friend or relative, offering your condolences (via telecon or even Facebook) can take a toll on you.

It’s in times like these that you can leverage Facebook to make yourself feel better. Post a sexy new profile pic or a funny dog video, a few vacation snaps, show the world what a great time you had!

Blow that horn!

Yes, the person you just offered condolences to (who also is on your Facebook friends list), may find your mistimed enthusiasm, a tad difficult to understand. But hey, life goes on. How long are you supposed to wait anyway!?

It’s ‘social media’ there are no ‘rules’ here. Are there?



  1. Jacob, interesting post which I can relate to. There are a few people on FB I wish would get over themselves. They either name drop too much, post too much and too often about themselves, or just post too much-one update right after another. They don’t seem to be aware or care that their friends are trying to read updates from other sources. But, that’s what lists and hiding people are for. 🙂

  2. Hi Karen,
    Social Media does seem to bring out the narcissistic worst in most of us. I guess that since we are dealing with a new medium, our normal restraints fall by the wayside.

    It is amazing to see how insensitive people can be especially when someone has just suffered the loss of a loved one. People seem to go from expressing condolences on Facebook to humorous posts within a span of 2-3 minutes . I wonder how sincere the empathy is in such cases.

    Maybe all of us have been insensitive in our online interactions, in some way or form, without realizing it.

    Thanks for your comment Karen!

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