Sneaky Digital Marketing Tactics

7 sneaky steps to beat your competition using their own digital marketing strengths

“I met a leading competitor at a networking event last week” said ‘Bob’,”and they’re apparently generating a lot of business online. Their digital marketing efforts are really paying off”. “I don’t understand it” continued Bob, “our website looks much better… we offer better services. Yet we get very few leads from our website. Why?” Thus Read more about 7 sneaky steps to beat your competition using their own digital marketing strengths[…]

One Page Digital Marketing Plan

One page digital marketing plan to grow your small business [DOWNLOAD]

Knowing where to start with their digital marketing efforts is a common problem among many small businesses. Most know they should have a plan but few understand how to pull together seemingly mystical marketing tactics like SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, PPC and everything else the gurus are constantly talking about. On the other side Read more about One page digital marketing plan to grow your small business [DOWNLOAD][…]

Skill sets for your modern marketing team

If you’re confused about whom to hire for your digital marketing team you’re not alone. One of the questions I often get is ‘What are the skill sets we should look for?‘ If you’ve been bombarded by SEO gurus, social ninjas and other ‘one size-fits-all-solutions‘ you probably have more questions than answers. It’s tough when your business Read more about Skill sets for your modern marketing team[…]

Embracing your creative dark side

Dark Knight AvatarThe morbid lineage of Nike’s ‘Just do it’, is just one example of creativity being inspired from darker realms. Murderer Gary Gilmore’s final words ‘Let’s do it’, in front of a firing squad, were playfully paraphrased to Nike’s trademarked slogan by Dan Wieden of Wieden and Kennedy. […]

Stuff Missing in Twitter ‘How To’ Books

My Mom would probably never use Twitter. Come to think of it, neither would my ‘Facebook’ savvy brothers, one of whom probably has more tech skills than the average bloke (bet he still remembers at least 5 DOS commands) If only they read the ‘How to‘ books about  Twitter, which outnumber by 1:100, similar books Read more about Stuff Missing in Twitter ‘How To’ Books[…]

Evolution: Blog to ‘Aggro-Hub’?

  Over all, the online marketing community over-emphasizes on blogs as being the HUB of customer engagement…though, I admit – with good reason (as of now). Hubs of the future, may not be centralized and could be a collection of third party sites (which will wax and wane in popularity). We are probably seeing the Read more about Evolution: Blog to ‘Aggro-Hub’?[…]

Does your Business have Online Charisma?

NOTE: The following is an excerpt. Please read the complete article on the BrandByte Media Inc. website. You have a website. So do your competitors. There are millions, maybe billions and counting, websites online. How do you help your customers find you from amongst all the noise? Does your digital presence help you stand out? Read more about Does your Business have Online Charisma?[…]

The Kloutocracy of it all – Do I Care…Enough?

Should I care enough about Klout? Sign in? Only to encourage something I do not believe in?

However, the pragmatic me, makes a living as a marketing technologist in Montreal. As student-for-life I have to ask:

How did you derive value from signing in to Klout?

By not signing in am I missing out on information that could help my clients in their online marketing efforts?