My Mom would probably never use Twitter. Come to think of it, neither would my ‘Facebook’ savvy brothers, one of whom probably has more tech skills than the average bloke (bet he still remembers at least 5 DOS commands)

If only they read the ‘How to‘ books about  Twitter, which outnumber by 1:100, similar books about Facebook.

Facebook is intuitive to people like Mom. If Mom needed a book to explain how to use Facebook effectively, she would not be commenting on almost every photo posted on fb; I love you Mom.

Mom may not ever 'get' Twitter
Mom may not ever ‘get’ Twitter


Even so, the information is incomplete. The many literary volumes fail to mention following Twitter idiosyncrasies

Getting Outchatted on Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are deceptively tricky.  E.g.: If you are going into something like a leadership chat, you better have a book on leadership quotes handy. Fail to do this and you could be ‘outleadered’ by eloquently poetic (even painfully grandiose) quo-weets.
These chats light up when someone like a filmmaker from South Florida comes along to exercise his acerbic (and frequently astute) observations.

Twitter Chat gets interesting when an acerbic Dan pops in
Ho-hum Twitter chat’s can get interesting

Klout-bots Abound

This tweing reminds me of hyperactive Hammy from ‘Over the hedge’.   The only thing that seems to drive their over-representation in your Twitter feed is, the ever accurate Klout metrics.

The slightest dip in scores and the Klout-bots are likely to go on a Twitter chat rampage, causing Twitter outage.

Until you pray for an acerbic dude to show up, if only to prevent fail whale sightings…but then, unfortunately, Dan cannot be everywhere. He probably has work to do.

Let them eat Tribal hashtags

I can hardly hold a candle to Seth Godin‘s achievements, but the Dan in me is alarmed that he has released some of his ideas into the wild; open to interpretation by, who knows?

History and even current events are proof that tribal mentality is not always benevolent or progressive. The concept has resonated well, perhaps for all the right reasons, in digital marketing circles.

It has been but a short leap from there, to virtual strudel sharing by members of all Twitter ‘tribes’. O.k I’m generalizing, maybe not all.

These sweet folk derive manage to connect sharing mainly hashtag supported beverages, as a daily ritual.

Here too, Dan may pop in to provide respite from tribal self- aggrandization and backslapping. I have personally had to set aside my tribal hashtag beverage to respond to Dan on one occasion (before I thought him astute enough).

Outleaders, Klout-bots, Tribal strudel sharing and Dan are now an enjoyable, even endearing part of my Twitter feed.

Mom would never ‘get it’ though. Would your Mom?



  1. You might find this rather hard to believe but I’m usually made uncomfortable when recognized in this manner. Reason being I don’t particularly believe I’m doing anything remarkable or original – just expressing my views (based on my own experiences) without fear.

    It is, however, refreshing to know that what I do is appreciated. In a world of wannabe social media rock stars, sheep, and online hippie communities – I’m glad I stand out – even if it’s just a little.

    Now go…and sin no more.

    1. Hi Dan,
      What you do is important since in our rush to confirm and perhaps profit, certain behavior is rewarded and encouraged at the cost of authenticity. You and others like you hopefully bring balance to the force and prevent social media rigor mortis.
      You now have a reputation to live up to too :). Thank you for stopping by.

  2. As mostly a lurker in many of these twitter chats, I have noticed the same things that you have mentioned here. Dan’s presence is always a relief and I look forward to his comments during these chats. You’re right that many people don’t get Twitter and that is why it doesn’t form as integral a part of their lives as for many others. I’m sure many others like me are out there, those who are just beginning this journey of Social Media and don’t understand much of the unsaid rules of Twitter chats.

    Your post makes me wonder a lot of things; to rethink and re-evaluate much of what I had started to take for granted. Perhaps it’s time to put on the BS filter.

    I don’t want to get into praising Dan, since he won’t like it, but will let this suffice that his comments have always helped me look at things from a new perspective as has this post.

    Thanks for a good read.

    1. Hi Rabab, my concern is that without dissenting viewpoints like Dan’s, the echo-chamber can get deafening. Social media communication then becomes more about confirming to certain pattern of behavior and hierarchy creating systems of rockstars and their fans rather than the freedom of expressing oneself in any chosen way. There’s already too much focus on behavior that creates unnecessary noise for the sake of propping up an empty set of metrics.
      I also think that twitter is made unnecessarily complicated with some of the fluff. Then again, if all this helps people connect, so be it.

      Thank you for stopping by to share your thoughts…love what you are doing with Find the part on Pakistan esp interesting (I moved to Canada from Mumbai about 15 yrs ago).

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