ROInfluence: Overestimating the impact of social scoring

Social Scoring as a toolIf you read my previous opinions on social scoring, you know I’m skeptical on the viability of  ‘influence metrics‘. However, when Mark Schaefer (of the engaging marketing blog {Grow} ), mentioned me in his latest book  ‘Return on Influence‘,  I decided to give the concept another look. […]

Influence Peddling Down The Rabbit Hole

This post started out as a comment on Aaron Biebert’s post, grew some and ended up on this blog.

To Aaron et al.,
I am curious about a few things. Perhaps you and/or others, can clear it up for me.

Klout right now:

1) Klout’s Twitter centricity.

I know Klout now connects to other social networks but Twitter still seems to be the primary mover of Klout scores.
Have you tried ignoring twitter for 4-5 days and totally rocking it on Facebook? I suspect your Klout score will drop (as it did in my tests). Maybe Klout does not have access to Facebook’s walled garden.

I could be wrong though, so would like to hear from others; Anyone with a high Klout score who is NOT active (maybe tweeting a cpl of times a week) on Twitter? […]

Hitler House Revolution will be Tweeted but not Measured

  I remember being mildly annoyed when the Hitler house tweet, authored by a relatively obscure Wales resident Charli Dickenson, went viral. I am probably not the only one who thought the whole episode pointless. Hindsight revealed to an insufferable ego that, the real majesty of social media lies in its serendipitous-ness. That unpredictable sequence Read more about Hitler House Revolution will be Tweeted but not Measured[…]

The Kloutocracy of it all – Do I Care…Enough?

Should I care enough about Klout? Sign in? Only to encourage something I do not believe in?

However, the pragmatic me, makes a living as a marketing technologist in Montreal. As student-for-life I have to ask:

How did you derive value from signing in to Klout?

By not signing in am I missing out on information that could help my clients in their online marketing efforts?

Unhand me you Klout! Influence Metrics ends the revolution

What are all these metrics doing? Now algorithms measure social ‘influence’. We already know that people are finding new ways to game the system. What will inevitably follow are other algorithms, that replicate ‘influence-building’ behavior. Will these ‘automated social friends’ replace the email spammers of today?

What happens to authenticity, transparency etc. when metrics and algorithms drive behavior?