Since I’ve been told that sunrise and sunsets are amongst the best times (due to ideal lighting conditions) to flex one’s photography muscles, I decided to give it a try one morning. See bottom of post for some references on light conditions during sunrise and sunset.

As the sun grew brighter, it allowed for varying amounts of natural light to experiment with. I was able to capture a wide variety of images, taking photographs facing towards the sunlight as well as in perpendicular and opposite directions to the light source.

boats on the shore
During this time we (my kids came along) intruded, albeit with great care, on some quintessentially Canadian ‘early birds’. Here’s one of them on its daily (I’m assuming) walks  around the neighborhood. He did seem to take his regimen seriously.

Morning Walk

Taking the family along to catch the sunrise was an added bonus…our collective memories captured on digital canvas.

For hi-res images from the above series and more, visit my flickr photostream

Some References:

The Golden Hour

About Civil, Nautical and Astronomical Twilight

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