You read right. Web 22.0. Not web 3.0 or web 9.0 or even web 21.0 (all passé…google them) but Web 22.0. You heard it here first.

More about Web 22.0 below…but here’s the set-up first.

I tweeted yesterday, quite innocently, if I may add

‘ Steve Jobs is already working on a better version of you.’

I expected the tweet to go unnoticed since hootsuites magnificent metrics measured my Klout at a bottom scraping 10.

Not to be.

@Rawkreative Already standing in line RT @jacobvar: Steve Jobs is already working on a better version of you.

I already knew that- Facebook had checked him in. I had to warn @rawkreative  that things were going to get worse.

🙂 be careful, Zuckerberg has hidden the privacy settings on it.’ I subtly twitformed him.

However as a matter of public interest it’s my duty to divulge more in this blog post.

Steve has decided to name that better version of you ‘Web 22.0‘. Holding the iphone correctly is only one of the things that better version of you (called Web 22.0) will be capable of.

Don’t be alarmed. All the ‘social media marketing consultants’ that matter have already written blog posts (not in public domain yet) about how you should behave as Web 22.0.

It’s all laid out for you. Web 22.0 will be your adulthood, its been decided conclusively, you will have an infinitely better existence as Web 22.0.

What is not sure is if the Google, Verizon duo will love you– Web 22.0, on broadband as much as on wireless. Zuckerberg has decided to love you regardless, since you keep no secrets from him. You will be ‘public domain’.

Have any ideas on how Web 22.0 should be? Please feel free to comment or simply open up a wiki page on it and inform me. We can probably have inconsequential but serious deliberations. We can, at the least, laugh at our digitally recorded foolish notions when we finally become what we can be…Web 22.0!.

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