So Steve Jobs was prevented from carrying along some Ninja stars, on his own plane, by some protocol analists (not a word it?, but it fits)  in Japan.

It must be just me but I found the whole rumor, humor inducing. Imagine the guy going “No Steve San! You no take Ninja Star on plane!”. How do you say no to Steve Jobs anyway? He may decide that your kids inheritance be blocked by an app on a ‘yet to be’ Apple innovation.

However, being a Steve Jobs fan, I take him seriously.  If he blinks an eyelid I usually want to know why. Which is why I decided to delve deeper.

We all know that good industrial design is a core focus/fixture at Apple. My online search for ‘Ninja Star’ images on Google revealed that these items confirm to pretty slick design aesthetics.


Ninja iPads
NinjaiPads? Maybe not

NinjaiPads?  Sounds like some stealth hygiene product. I don’t think Apple’s headed that way…yet.

But, wait a minute…


Awesome!! Imagine the possibilities!! And the sales!!

I know I am on to something here.  What do you think? Am I right or am I right??

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