Blog and Web Interface/Layout design for Touch Screen Devices – a start.

With convenience, ease-of-mobility, functionality and the expected rise in number of choices, these are probably going to be the device of choice for the average person to consume information and media. Well, until Google TV or something else comes along to show us different.

These developments when coupled with the popularity of mobile touch screen phones, could point to the fact that some of the ubiquitous website/blog design and layout elements are due for an overhaul. It will be necessary to accommodate developing trends in user interaction, especially if these touch screen devices become even more popular.

Of Steve Jobs, Ninjas and Product Design

Being a Steve Jobs fan I take him seriously. If he blinks an eyelid I usually want to know why. Which is why I decided to delve deeper.

We all know that apple places a premium on design. My online search for ‘Ninja Star’ images on google revealed that these items confirm to pretty slick design aesthetics.

Early to rise, helps make nice photographs

Early to rise, helps make nice photographs

Since I’ve been told that sunrise and sunsets are amongst the best times (due to the ideal lighting conditions) to flex ones photography muscles, I decided to give it a try one morning.

Web 22.0 – The New Horizon.

You read right. Web 22.0. Not web, 3.0 or web 9.0 or even web 21.0 (all passé…google them) but Web 22.0. You heard it here first.

Smoker in the Apartment.

As she stepped out of the bathroom the place reeked of cigarette smoke again. It almost made her physically sick. She had to talk to the super about this. Tomorrow. Time to sleep now.

She was surprised that she found herself fearfully staring into the darkness before her for so long. She thought she would be asleep as soon as she hit the bed.

The Rustic Fence

Our family enjoys nature walks and summers a great time to indulge. Turns out that having a hobby like photography helps you relish these moments…

Hot and Cold

This is from a test image I worked on for a recent photo shoot. Click on the image to see larger version of the same…