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How to be a Baller at Content Strategy for a Boring Business

Picture this. Your business is doing moderately well. Now you need to scale up by acquiring more customers. There’s a huge market for your products. Almost everyone can use it. You know that given your resources, digital marketing is what you need to ramp up on to get your product out there. All you now[…]

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8 quick win content hacks for the busy business professional

  Little time. Little content. Little brand presence online. Lost growth opportunities. Sounds familiar? With the growing expectations we have from the digital world, online visibility is an increasingly important contributor to our success. And this holds true regardless of if you are a small business, consultant, professional, or just looking for work. So it’s not[…]

Digital Marketing Technology

Building a scalable, low budget digital marketing technology stack to grow your business

Like it or not, your business will increasingly compete with billions of dollars worth of marketing technology spend. It used to be that social media levelled the playing field when it came to getting the word out about a product or service. That’s rapidly changing. There’s too much noise out there. Being ‘social media savvy’[…]

Write to lead

4 reasons you should and 4 ways you CAN write to lead

“Churchill mobilized the English language and sent it into battle.” Exclaimed John F. Kennedy when conferring honorary U.S citizenship on Churchill. Granted you and I aren’t Churchill. And maybe our oratory skills wouldn’t find a ready audience like Churchill’s did. However, we have something even better. A way to connect with millions across the earth via[…]


When I met Mark Schaefer and Jay Baer on GO!Animate

  I have been waiting to respond to Mark’s advice against shoveling social media down throats. The animator in me (remnants of a past life) has also been itching to experiment new ways of blogging, content marketing and creation. Well, I finally made the time and decided to tackle 2 birds with one stone…here are[…]