Content Marketing Boring Biz Content

How to be a Baller at Content Strategy for a Boring Business

Picture this. Your business is doing moderately well. Now you need to scale up by acquiring more customers. There’s a huge market for your products. Almost everyone can use it. You know that given your resources, digital marketing is what you need to ramp up on to get your product out there. All you now[…]

Growth engine and digital strategy

6 steps to align a winning digital strategy to your growth engine

As a digital marketing consultant brought in to solve an immediate problem, I’ve arguably seen the worst of rudderless marketing strategies out there. The sad part is that usually, it’s not some obvious flaw like lack of talent or laziness to blame. In fact, everyone involved is busy being busy. Yet, business goals remain unmet.[…]

Website Traffic Toon

Revisiting the basics to increase your website traffic

If you’re wondering how to grow your website traffic, it makes sense to dig into the channels that drive traffic. Trying to ‘increase traffic’ is often a fool’s errand without a better understanding of various sources that constitute the ‘traffic’ in question. If the basics aren’t clear the goals become difficult to achieve. I was[…]


Compare digital marketing chops with Canada’s fastest growing B2B service businesses

As of writing this blog post, all my current clients are B2B services. So I thought it’d be interesting to find out how Canada’s fastest growing B2B service businesses fare in their digital marketing efforts. Such case studies are a useful part of any marketer’s arsenal. After all an analysis of the competition is a[…]

Sneaky Digital Marketing Tactics

7 sneaky steps to beat your competition using their own digital marketing strengths

“I met a leading competitor at a networking event last week” said ‘Bob’,”and they’re apparently generating a lot of business online. Their digital marketing efforts are really paying off”. “I don’t understand it” continued Bob, “our website looks much better… we offer better services. Yet we get very few leads from our website. Why?” Thus[…]

One Page Digital Marketing Plan

One page digital marketing plan to grow your small business [DOWNLOAD]

Knowing where to start with their digital marketing efforts is a common problem among many small businesses. Most know they should have a plan but few understand how to pull together seemingly mystical marketing tactics like SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, PPC and everything else the gurus are constantly talking about. On the other side[…]

The one truth about digital marketing

The one thing businesses need to know about digital marketing

Respected leaders of many organizations are still trying to wrap their heads around what digital marketing is. I frequently have to remind some that online marketing is not just ‘social media’ or ‘SEO’. Throw in content marketing, inbound marketing, user experience design, CPC/CPM, digital re-marketing, and marketing automation and the eyes glaze over. The mind[…]


6 deadly myths undermining the SME online marketing effort.

Small and medium sized businesses that are turning to online marketing are having to sift through a lot of misleading information. Many of these myths are propagated by experts, borrowing from the echo-chamber wisdom of individual comfort zones. Here are the top 8 myths that could cause your SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprise) marketing campaign to under-perform.[…]


Your digital life and the digital divide

Digital DivideA project I am working on, has me wondering about the disconnect between the digital haves and have/want-nots and the impacts of this digital divide. This higher-ed marketing project requires me to contact academics and institutions throughout the world.

An educator in Iraq confessed

… in my country  this service ( buying books from internet ) not exist…

This is understandable, given the turmoil in that country. The infrastructure is obviously in disarray. […]


Google Plus vs. WordPress? Whut?



Let’s face it, with the healthy lead of 750 million+ users, established by Facebook, Google Plus will take a good while to catch up. Even if the mainstream are to ‘overcome social media fatigue’, that is.

Twitter conversation about social media fatigue

So we plod along on G+, in wonderment of the growing ‘circularity’ of the early adoptscoble, et al. […]