Mark Zuckerberg’s current unrelenting march towards global domination does not look like it needs an additional general.

Yet, from my arm-chair vantage point, I cannot help but wonder how a low level interaction measurement report/tool, for each user could add to Facebook’s appeal.

Those of us who use Facebook insight (with or without google analytics, omniture etc.) are already aware of the value of being able to measure Facebook interactions on Facebook pages etc.

What if the average Facebook user,  had access (albeit limited) to analytics of their Facebook interactions? Even without taking into account the apparent narcissism quotient, I’m guessing a good many Facebook users would be curious to know which kind of post/link resonates best (beyond comments and ‘likes’) with their friends and the extended network (e.g.: how a certain link they posted has spread across facebook).

Mockup of popularity scale
Of course, the visual presentation of data should be as simple as possible. The feature could adopt a multi-levelled approach (e.g: ‘see more’), with each level adding to complexity.

Such a feature would introduce less tech savvy individuals and businesses to the world of online analytics. Depending on implementation, the feature may also work as a potential ease-in mechanism to Facebook ads e.g.: The mom who could place a local ad for the car-seat, her tot has grown out of.

In any case, increased awareness about online analytics among users could only help online marketing professionals educate potential clients (esp. the small businesses), on the advantages of using such data for improving online business activity.

On the other hand, there could be a fallout in terms of loss in the spontaneity that drives casual online social media interactions.

However, I’d bet that a low-level/simple interaction measurement feature aimed at the average Facebook ‘friend’, will enhance our modern day emperor’s growing arsenal.

I looked around for an existing app, or some such, that incorporates similar features. If you find any, let me know…would love to try it.

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