You’re a rock star digital marketer and your rocking ways help businesses find customers. You are awesome, but maybe you mess up in the following ways.

1) Overdose on the blog

We get it. Your journey from a basement living nobody to having your own digital groupie entourage is an awesome example of what happens when one rocks the blog.

You also probably benefited from being among the first adopters of new media and had ample time to find and fine-tune your blogging voice.

However, Ed’s handicraft business does not enjoy those advantages. Ed has a tough time bringing two sentences into harmony given his ESL background. So maybe blogging rockstardom isn’t for Ed, even without the fact that much of his time is spent putting together those awesome leather accessories for his clients.

Maybe Ed’s customers are not into reading copious text either. Ed’s goals could be better served by using Pinterest to get his wares out there and bring in much needed revenues.

Heck, maybe Google Ads isn’t a bad thing either for Ed to grow his revenue stream quick. Which brings me to the next point.

2) Piss on the online advertising stage

Yadav’s SAP college keeps him really busy. He does post the occasional content on the college Facebook page.

A couple of well placed Facebook ads and offers, targeted at his local area, will help Yadav. For a low cost of around 20 cents per like, Yadav could ramp up his Facebook page follower count.

Are those followers going to be interested in SAP training? Yes, of course. I do not see a mechanic liking a SAP training college page, discovered via Facebook ads, unless he was planning to change careers.

There’s at least one other potential hidden benefit: In my tests, and I could be wrong, all the likes from FB ad posts affect Klout scores in a good way. If, that actually matters.

3) Push your most popular track on your clients

Most small businesses like those of Ed and Yadav, would benefit from a wide array of tactics, phased in and out, that take into account the unique needs and resources of the business.

Maybe social curation and advertising are a perfect fit until the company culture is ready for content creation and social conversation.

Pushing the same rock tune that worked for you and another client, in a different era, from a different industry is obviously not in the best interest of all businesses.

Maybe techno is what the clients of Ed and Yadav get off on.

Don’t you agree that social, seo, online advertising, etc. can all come together in an extended and effective digital strategy?  So why then, does the echo chamber get noisier?

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