8 high-level Conversion Rate Optimization Leadership Strategies for Marketing Professionals

In our digital era, the cash required to fuel growth is often linked to the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). In other words, the sooner a visitor to a website becomes a customer, the sooner a business gets paid. Depending on the nature of the business itself, the CRO is closely coupled with an important metric, the Read more about 8 high-level Conversion Rate Optimization Leadership Strategies for Marketing Professionals[…]

ROInfluence: Overestimating the impact of social scoring

Social Scoring as a toolIf you read my previous opinions on social scoring, you know I’m skeptical on the viability of  ‘influence metrics‘. However, when Mark Schaefer (of the engaging marketing blog {Grow} ), mentioned me in his latest book  ‘Return on Influence‘,  I decided to give the concept another look. […]

Your digital life and the digital divide

Digital DivideA project I am working on, has me wondering about the disconnect between the digital haves and have/want-nots and the impacts of this digital divide. This higher-ed marketing project requires me to contact academics and institutions throughout the world.

An educator in Iraq confessed

… in my country  this service ( buying books from internet ) not exist…

This is understandable, given the turmoil in that country. The infrastructure is obviously in disarray. […]

Not Built to Blog

  Blogs are great for all the reasons the one and only Mark Schaefer mentions here. If only more people who should read that post, did! Trapped in a Time Warp Now here are some people who would never read that article Mr. Leaflet: He’s been successful in fast food retail. A4 flyers have evidently Read more about Not Built to Blog[…]