Gaspésie Road TripThe kids have been grumbling about how we don’t have any trips planned for this summer, while their friends are touring Italy, Iran, etc. Parental guilt now has us embarking on an almost impromptu road trip. I’m taking G+ along for a trial run.

My DW has picked out The Gaspésie Tour (among the 20 best trips of 2011 – National Geographic), which I hope, will fast-track  my currently 14 year long (as of now) integration efforts into Quebec society. So, armed with rudimentary knowledge of the French language, two fully bilingual (thankfully) translators and almost no planning/expectations…we’re hitting the road tomorrow.

What I hope for

  • The four of us making most of the time together
  • Good amount of hiking and nature exploration (all of us love the outdoors)
  • Learn a bit more about Quebec history and culture
  • Try out some specialty cuisines. Kamouraska smoked eel, marinated fish and fresh seafood sound YUM!
  • Good photo ops
  • A post now and then about the experience, if time permits

It’s different from the usual fare on this blog and an opportunity for me to try out a new blogging venue.

Maybe I’ll have a better experience with Google + (FB has always felt a bit clunky for longer format posts…’Notes’ does not do it for me). I quite like G+ so far, though it matters little since everyone is on Facebook. Probably a good thing…I’ll be able to post at will, for the crickets, without worrying about bombarding my FB feed. A good chance to experiment with photos, videos etc on G+ and see how it stacks up against Zuckerberg’s baby (though I’ll probably post a few things there too…later).

So if/when I blog about the trip it will mostly be here: UPDATED LINKS BELOW

Day 1 – Trip almost ended, due to carelessness and a would-be-thief, at Quebec City
Day 2 – Fog to Sunset, the most amazing drive ever
Day3 –  Blue whales and other monoliths; Perce, Forillon and the ocean
Day 4 – Last day and lessons learnt; Chaleur Bay and back home
See you there?

Photo : Percé Rock by Abdallah

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