ROInfluence: Overestimating the impact of social scoring

Social Scoring as a toolIf you read my previous opinions on social scoring, you know I’m skeptical on the viability of  ‘influence metrics‘. However, when Mark Schaefer (of the engaging marketing blog {Grow} ), mentioned me in his latest book  ‘Return on Influence‘,  I decided to give the concept another look. […]

Influence Peddling Down The Rabbit Hole

This post started out as a comment on Aaron Biebert’s post, grew some and ended up on this blog.

To Aaron et al.,
I am curious about a few things. Perhaps you and/or others, can clear it up for me.

Klout right now:

1) Klout’s Twitter centricity.

I know Klout now connects to other social networks but Twitter still seems to be the primary mover of Klout scores.
Have you tried ignoring twitter for 4-5 days and totally rocking it on Facebook? I suspect your Klout score will drop (as it did in my tests). Maybe Klout does not have access to Facebook’s walled garden.

I could be wrong though, so would like to hear from others; Anyone with a high Klout score who is NOT active (maybe tweeting a cpl of times a week) on Twitter? […]