Do you see dead people?

Continuing with my¬† Halloween, Hollywood inspired imagery and content Google plus is now public and the latest numbers are impressive. However, if you’re like me, most of your friends and family rely on Facebook, Linkedin (and a bit of twitter), for all their social networking needs. In the long run, Jeff Weiner (Linkedin CEO) may Read more about Do you see dead people?[…]

Google Plus vs. WordPress? Whut?



Let’s face it, with the healthy lead of 750 million+ users, established by Facebook, Google Plus will take a good while to catch up. Even if the mainstream are to ‘overcome social media fatigue’, that is.

Twitter conversation about social media fatigue

So we plod along on G+, in wonderment of the¬†growing ‘circularity’ of the early adoptscoble, et al. […]

Will YOU Ditch Facebook for Google Plus?

  So Google Plus is here and there’s a lot of features that seem attractive and set it apart (as of now). Hangouts or group video chats. An easy way to organize your contacts based on ‘circles’ of interest . You can do this in Facebook with ‘lists’ but Google’s implementation is more intuitive. etc. Read more about Will YOU Ditch Facebook for Google Plus?[…]