“I’ve always wanted to do something on my own.”

I’ve heard this line from everyone and their grandmother. Variations are ‘I have this great idea that I want to try’, ‘I’ve always wanted to start my restaurant’ etc…and my telepathic response always is ‘wtf are you waiting for?’. Well I should admit that those are the smart folk. Most people know that there are enough reasons not to trade a steady pay check for an unpredictable lifestyle. Regardless, I thought it’s about time I wrote for those foolish enough to consider indulging in the entrepreneurial call.

The Rustic Fence

Our family enjoys nature walks and summers a great time to indulge. Turns out that having a hobby like photography helps you relish these moments…

Hot and Cold

This is from a test image I worked on for a recent photo shoot. Click on the image to see larger version of the same…

Facebook, Privacy and the Free Lunch

You could not have missed all the well meaning tips about your facebook privacy settings. With the like button and the open graph protocol, Facebook is betting on making the internet a facebook based ecosystem. Users are part of this ecosystem and their behaviour can now be shared with others, even beyond facebook. If you ‘like’ something on TED your facebook friends can have access to what you liked when they visit TED. What does it mean for users privacy? Well, users are responsible for their privacy. Pretty tame concept if you ask me.

‘Non-Smokers die everyday!’

So opined Bill Hicks, the legendary US comedian. A talented guy with humorously cynical views on consumerism/religion/materialism and anything in between. You can hear more…

Digital photo restoration and the story of a crocodile hunter (Backwater Dundee).

Digital photo restoration and the story of a crocodile hunter (Backwater Dundee).

Posing for this extended family photograph, in the late 1940’s, are my great grandparents, their two sons and their brood, which includes my dad (the 9-10 year old on the extreme left). My grandfather is behind my dad with my grandmother right next to him. Two of my uncles are the other young males in the photograph. Locale – the famous back-water area of Kerala, India called, Allepey. The perfect setting for crocodile hunt episode.