Time Lapse in a Static frame

The young‘uns were making the best of the mild weather when I chanced on this photo-op. I’ve been waiting to do something like this for a while and ‘presto’ (do people say that anymore?…does seem to work in this case) the perfect moment presented itself. It’s one of those rare occasions when I had an idea about what I was going to do with this sequence of images as I was capturing it. Or maybe, I’ve always held this photoshop treatment in mental reserve. Anywayz, glad the sequence did lend itself to an almost seamless blend. A part of the landscape in the background was altered and some trees pruned digitally (I kill the magic I make…below is one of original pics from the sequence) to make it all ‘fit’, but I think it worked out fine for a couple of hours at photoshop.

Original image from run sequence

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