Will YOU Ditch Facebook for Google Plus?

  So Google Plus is here and there’s a lot of features that seem attractive and set it apart (as of now). Hangouts or group video chats. An easy way to organize your contacts based on ‘circles’ of interest . You can do this in Facebook with ‘lists’ but Google’s implementation is more intuitive. etc. Read more about Will YOU Ditch Facebook for Google Plus?[…]

Of Steve Jobs, Ninjas and Product Design

Being a Steve Jobs fan I take him seriously. If he blinks an eyelid I usually want to know why. Which is why I decided to delve deeper.

We all know that apple places a premium on design. My online search for ‘Ninja Star’ images on google revealed that these items confirm to pretty slick design aesthetics.

‘Non-Smokers die everyday!’

So opined Bill Hicks, the legendary US comedian. A talented guy with humorously cynical views on consumerism/religion/materialism and anything in between. You can hear more of Bill’s schtick at the end of this post. For all of his anti-consumerism rants, he was often sucking on a product propelled by the intense marketing efforts of the tobacco giants. Speaking of suckers, Al Gore recently purchased a 9 million dollar home with 6 fireplaces, 9 wash rooms, huge swimming pool etc. Al probably did not factor in the ‘inconvenient truth’ of the carbon footprint of that 6500 sq ft home. We could probably run a village on the daily carbon offset budget for his 9-wash room flushes. Regardless, it does look like either Al or some of us got easily taken in. I digress. […]