Insurance for your site – Create and Submit XML Sitemaps (SEO)

Sitemaps are basically a list of all the pages on your site. Search engine bots, like the Googlebot, crawl sites by following links from one page to another. If your site does not have many other links on the web and/or is relatively new, search engines could find your site difficult to discover. Especially in cases like these, and almost always otherwise, a Sitemap is a great insurance plan to let search engines learn more about your site.

‘Page could not be reached’ error with facebook ‘like’ button

With facebooks release of the universal ‘like’ button, several webmasters complained of an error on clicking the button. Probably, the way facebook read/parses the sites had changed since the sites complaining of this error also had a problem getting the thumbnails of their links and any meta data, to show up in their facebook posts. A user figured out why

you can see the complete thread at (Verge graphics joomla module for the ‘like’  button works really well)

NOTE: before you try the below please backup the originals…

Now to get rid of the spaces in a joomla template I had to