Google Plus vs. WordPress? Whut?



Let’s face it, with the healthy lead of 750 million+ users, established by Facebook, Google Plus will take a good while to catch up. Even if the mainstream are to ‘overcome social media fatigue’, that is.

Twitter conversation about social media fatigue

So we plod along on G+, in wonderment of the¬†growing ‘circularity’ of the early adoptscoble, et al. […]

Will YOU Ditch Facebook for Google Plus?

  So Google Plus is here and there’s a lot of features that seem attractive and set it apart (as of now). Hangouts or group video chats. An easy way to organize your contacts based on ‘circles’ of interest . You can do this in Facebook with ‘lists’ but Google’s implementation is more intuitive. etc. Read more about Will YOU Ditch Facebook for Google Plus?[…]